This is My Life Right Now!


Building My Brand Cubicles to Cocktails

I conceived the idea of Cubicles to Cocktails in Spring 2017 and hosted my first soiree in February 2018. My vision is grand + the mission is meaningful. I'm focused on making my vision, my reality. 

Collaborating with Success-Minded Women of Color

I set the intention to step out of my comfort zone (I'm an introvert, INJF) to connect with new tribes of women of color in Houston and beyond. I welcome opportunities to collaborate with success-minded women with the purpose of empowering our community.

Elevating My Business + Project Management Skills

I am passionate about project management. My skills enable me to invest in my community. I'm currently applying for my Project Management Professional certification.

Making Self-Love & Self-Care a Priority

I am actively working to develop an intentional lifestyle that permeates through all aspects of my wellness journey + life. That means more running + dance, yoga + meditation, therapy sessions, investing in my career + self, and quality time with family + friends. 

Inspired by Derek Siver’s Now Page.  Last Updated February 2018.