Celebrating Freeing She's One Year Blog Anniversary

Reminding myself, “It’s better late than never.”
My 1st bloggerversary was on December 1, 2017— Exactly one year ago, I flipped the switch to reveal Freeing She to the virtual world. I almost didn’t acknowledge my 1st Bloggerversary. I was quietly going to let it pass by so that I can try to do better in Year 2. “If Year 2 exceeds my expectations, then I will celebrate,” I told myself. By my expectations, read perfection.  


I am a perfectionist. As a result, I tend to be highly critical of myself and my journey. I obsess over decisions and details. Instead of celebrating my successes, I skip ahead to the lessons learned and where could I have done better. 

Knowing this about myself. Knowing that this is not how I want to live my life. I try to be conscious about making time to celebrate where I was and where I am— my accomplishments. Even if I'm reluctant. Even if I'm late. 

Blogging is something that “everyone” does nowadays. Supposedly, 2 blogs are created every second! That’s more than 60 million blogs a year! However, the majority of those blogs do not make it to the year point.

This blog post is a reminder to myself that I made it to the one year point and that this is a big, freaking deal.


My Initial Blogging Expectations

When I first started Freeing She, I set out to create an online space for women of color of all ethnicities to share her story of creating her ideal life and discovering her purpose, while navigating her career and self-love journey. Though I did not plan on being the primary or even sole-contributor on Freeing She— my mission has not changed. 

I am building a community of women who are emboldened to align her life with her purpose— authentically, unabashed. Freely.


Quick Blog 2017 Recap

  • 27 Posts Published, including 2 guest posts
  • 4,367 Unique Visitors
  • 5,305 Visits
  • 12 Events Hosted, including 8 happy hours, 2 self-care events, 1 co-working session, 1 creativity workshop

My most read post was Here Is Why I Didn't Marry for Love Either

  • Shared on Facebook 23+ times
  • Gained 300+ Facebook social engagements (e.g. shares, likes, comments)

I earned my Google Sub-links.

Google sub-links are a HUGE deal. When Google awards your website sub-links it means that Google trusts your content and believes that you are producing quality content that people want to see. When I first started Freeing She, Google search results returned articles about Kim Kardashian and her sisters "freeing the nipple"—something that Rihanna did first lol #RiRiNavy #alldayeveryday— or results about freedom from slavery or prison. 

I wasn't on the first page or results either. Now I am! I'm even the 1st result listed!

Here are some of my biggest lessons learned as I worked to grow my blog:

Interviews are a great way to learn more, share someone else's journey, and gain new site visitors.

When I launched Freeing She, I interviewed Andrea V. Watson and Jessica Edwards-Uwah to be featured. These are among my original posts and people are still reading them 1 year later!


SEO is crucial to growing your audience.

I have a steady trickle of visitors who find my blog through Google and other search engines via this post 5 Must Have Qualities in Your Sisterhood Inspired by "Hidden Figures". Now, do they return? I don’t know yet. Understanding who stays, who leaves, and who comes back is on my learning list for 2018. 

Collaboration is key.

I knew this already, but I started putting it into practice during the latter half of the year. Through collaboration, I've hosted several of my most successful events: 50 Shades of Rosé Paint & Sip (co-hosted with WE Hueston) and Namaslay-Giving (co-hosted with AfroYoga). 

I am hosting my 2nd Annual Release Your Vision Party: Brunch Edition where I am collaborating with Raveen "Rae" Alexis to bring you a high-impact vision journaling workshop. Rae is the founder of #PositiveSelfTalk, a series of journaling workshops that provide guidance on healthy self-care practices by way of written expression.


So.. what is next for Freeing She? 

Consistency is my intention as I continue blogging in Year 2.

I want to consistently publish on average 2 posts a month— leaving no month unpublished! I want to consistently provide you all higher quality content meaning more transparency about how I am balancing my career and my marriage while indulging in self-care and discovering my purpose. 

I strongly identify as a black feminist and #blerd. Therefore, you can continue expect to see a healthy dose of these perspectives in my blog posts too.

Also, coming up this year. 

I am launching my interview and event series Cubicles to Cocktails.

Cubicles to Cocktails is my corner of Freeing She to share the perspectives of career women who I admire as well as host stylish cocktail soirees for us to gather after work. Basically, the Cubicles to Cocktails series is all about cocktails and conversations with success-minded women.

Be sure to follow the Cubicles to Cocktails on Instagram @cubiclescocktails


Thank You

I want to thank you for all of the support you have given me— from following my blogging journey, reading my newsletters, or even attending any of the events I host. I started Freeing She to build a community and movement. This would be impossible without your support! I've gained so many new friends, learned so many lessons, and experienced many magical moments. I look forward to sharing many more memories with you! 

Enjoy following my blogging journey?

If you enjoy following my blog, let me know by leaving a comment below to share what content you want to see more of in Year 2 of Freeing She.