How to Create a Vision Board that Actually Works

The New Year is one of my favorite times of year! I love the season of new opportunities, awakened intentions, and renewed optimism. This is the time of year that I'm most optimistic! Therefore, I use the season to my full advantage by spending the first few weeks of the New Year reflecting, setting my goals and intentions, and creating my plan of action! This year, I switched up my routine by creating a vision board— it's been a moment since I last created one! Oh, I'm so glad I decided to do so! In this post, I'm going to share why vision boards can actually work, some strategies to create your own vision board, as well divulge sneak peeks of the meaning behind images on my own vision board— which I'm so proud of and excited to utilize throughout the year! So… keep reading!

Does a vision board really work?

My answer is yes and no. For starters, vision boards were made popular by the New Thought philosophy the Law of Attraction: “like attracts like.” The Law of Attraction essentially means that when you focus on positive thoughts, you attract positive life experiences and vice versa negative thoughts conjure up negative life experiences. Yes! According to the Law of Attraction, vision boards absolutely do work. However to this realistic optimist, the Law of Attraction only works with strategic efforts and actionable plans. You cannot sit on the couch dreaming about the vision on your vision board all day and reasonably think that you can achieve everything thing captured. Instead, you need to literally create your vision by making decisions and moves every day.

Should I create a vision board?

I highly encourage you to create a vision board for a few reasons:

  • Creating a vision board forces you to take a moment out of your busy schedule to focus on 100% on yourself and what it is YOU really want in your life.
  • For many a vision board is the perfect visual stimulus to spark conscious and unconscious behaviors that pushes us closer towards obtaining what it is we want in our lives. Remember, building lifestyle habits starts with identifying a cue to trigger your behavior—yes, your vision board can be your visual cue— as I discussed in my previous post.
  • You will have lots of fun creating your vision board. Plus, you will have a token that reminds you of this positive experience in addition to the goals you want to focus on throughout the year.

Should I host a vision board party or create a vision board on my own?

I am definitely good for hosting gatherings and parties for my friends. In the past, I created vision boards independently. This year, I hosted Freeing She's Release Your Vision Party for the gals who live in Houston, Texas. The vision board party was a great success; check out some of the vision boards from the event! We definitely had a blast and I plan to host the event next year! But honestly, I was too distracted and felt too rushed to create my own vision board at the party. I had to finish my board at home. I moved too slowly during the mini-competitions of finding the best magazine snippets during the party lol. I personally needed the time to think about how images made me feel and not force the feng-shui of my own board. Long story short, vision board parties are fun but you may be the person who needs to just clip magazines at the party and then finish your board at home too. Which leads me to the next big question...

What types of goals and images should I include in my vision board?

You should be very intentional and selective about what you include on your vision board. Only include images, quotes, and objects that make you feel good and positive. Think about goals, experiences, feelings, and maybe even objects that you want to attract to your life. Remember to think about this across your life domains: health, love, career, spirituality, personal growth, etc. Before you place an object on your board, think about how acquiring that object may make you feel. For instance, that new house may represent stability, a place where you want to cultivate family memories. The new pair of sky-high heels may represent you embracing your sexuality and body.

How often should I refresh or recreate my vision board?

In my Release Your Vision Life Mapping Workbook, I note that you should reflect on your past life phase and refresh your life map as often as you feel the need to do so— if you haven’t downloaded your own copy of Release Your Vision, do it now! Likewise, you should refresh or recreate your vision board as often as you feel the need. Each time you recreate your vision board, begin the process by reflecting on your past life phase, refreshing your life map, and then creating your new vision board.

What are some of your tips to make my vision board work?

Only you can make your vision board work for you. But, here are several tips to help you along the way.

  • Avoid attracting chaos into your life by keeping your vision board neat and being selective about what you place in your vision board.
  • Have fun and be creative! Use whatever inspires you: photographs, magazine images, a piece of fabric, a dried flower!
  • Don’t look at images in the conventional way. Instead, think about how an image makes you feel and what it represents to you.
  • Display your board some place where you can see it daily: on your closet door, next to your coffee station.
  • Save an image of your vision board on your phone to access it on the go: on vacation, at the gym, at work, everywhere!
  • Every month, look at your vision board and show gratitude about where you were and where you are now.
  • Share your vision board with your loved ones. You never know who could help you achieve your dreams, plus they can offer you support and encouragement.

Now, a couple of my behind the scene insights on my favorite parts of my vision board. Really, I can’t even pick which parts are my favorites from my vision board. I love that my entire vision board inspires me and I'm excited to get to work making my vision my reality!

  • I want to keep God at the center of my life and draw closer to Him. Therefore, I included a picture of a stone tub (representing peace), the scripture Philippians 4:6-7 (my favorite scripture when I am feeling anxious or worried), and a picture of me with the quote “Here I Am” (representing me being in God’s presence and my willingness to let him use me).

  • I included a picture of an organized office space (I have the goal to create my ideal home office space), the quotes “Dream It. Plan It. Do It.” “Time to become your own boss.” (my reminder to dedicate time to cultivate Freeing She into the amazing community of millennial women of color I want it to be), and lady with a crown (this images makes me feel royal and empowered).

  • The area surrounding my husband and me covers up 1/3rd of my vision board. Many of my goals and desires center around us as a married couple. This year, I want to travel more together, build our financial strategy, and spend more time with our families. I want us to continue being a strong team!

  • As I mentioned, I am a #blerd and proud of it! Therefore, the black power fist made up of different technology was perfect for my board. I want to continue embracing my #blerdiness and was interested in seeking an opportunity to connect with other #blerds and nerds. Mission accomplished! The hubs and I were officially welcomed to join the Steering Committee for the Houston Museum of Natural Science Catalyst young professionals group! We are looking forward to cultivating the young professional community in Houston while fostering a deeper appreciation for science and nature! 


Have you created your vision board yet? If so, share your favorite features of your vision board plus the meaning with me! If you posted your vision board on social media or your blog, feel free to leave a link so that I can see your creation!