5 Beauty Tips to Create Your Signature Work Makeup Look

I believe that everyone should have a skincare or makeup routine to enhance their natural beauty. Think about it, your most prominent feature is your face. When you first meet a stranger, you will often observe their facial features first. When you are giving a work presentation, senior leaders will alternate between focusing on your face and your slides. When you go out for drinks with your best gal friend, you will likely greet her while looking in her face before you compliment her outfit. Faces are how we recognize one another and interpret emotion and even health. So, why not put your best face forward—literally?

In a previous post, I shared my experiences of wearing makeup to work and my workplace ready makeup routine. Whether you like to be au natural, keep to just the basics, or consider yourself a makeup goddess, as I promised, here are my biggest tips to help you get started creating your own makeup routine for work that fits your lifestyle and beliefs:

  1. All makeup routines start with clean, healthy skin. If you have a skin care routine, kudos to you! If not, getting started with a simple routine is all you need to do. First, figure out if your skin is oily, dry, a combination, or normal and/or sensitive. Next, find a cleansermoisturizer, and exfoliator made just for your skin type. Then, cleanse and moisturize your face at least once per day and exfoliate once per week. 
  2. Keep your eyebrows snatched! By finding a brow shape that frames your face, you will instantly look fresh-faced. With cleanly shaped brows, you will be ready to go out to door sans makeup or glammed up! To learn how to keep your eyebrows manicured, check out the following Youtube tutorial by My Natural Sisters. If you would rather keep it to the professionals, schedule a monthly brow appointment at your favorite local spa. Just use tweezers for upkeep in between appointments.
  3. Go to your nearest Sephora and snap your Color IQ. While you are there, talk with the beauty advisors about your level of comfort and "need" for foundations, tinted moisturizers, concealers. The Color IQ helps you find the perfect shade of foundation, concealers, and lipstick. I am a personal advocate of the Color IQ-- I used my Color IQ to find the tinted moisturizer that I use daily and a foundation for special occasions. My bridesmaids and I even sent our Color IQs to the makeup artists before my wedding weekend so that the artists could have time to find the perfect products to make us ultra glamorous.
  4. At minimum, consider lining your eyes and coating your lashes with mascara. For an added bonus, dust your lids in a natural tone shimmer shadow. This is a quick way to brighten eyes and face. The added definition to your eyes is a foolproof way to look more youthful and energetic. My personal favorite eye shimmer because it looks great with every outfit and on all complexions is MAC Cosmetics Woodwinked
  5. Stay hydrated and keep your lips coated with a moisturizing balm, gloss, or lipstick. Are your lips always cracking, chapping and feeling dry? More likely than not you are either 1) not drinking enough water or 2) exposing your lips to the elements *sun and wind* unprotected. By drinking water and moisturizing your lips you can keep your lips looking healthy. 


Share your best tips for creating a skincare and/or makeup routine. What are your must have skin care products?