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I publish tools, resources, and fresh perspectives for women of color to achieve meaningful careers + flourish in life. My goal is to provide high quality, original, actionable content to my readers.

Our community members:

  • Are primarily women of color who identify as a Millennial
  • Typically have 2+ years of corporate or professional work experience
  • Consider herself ambitious: wanting to excel in her career + flourish in her personal live, while achieving her ideal work + life balance
  • Are searching for tools + resources + perspectives to help her navigate her career + life as a woman of color

We publish content on all things career + life:

  • Career, Business Advice, and Experiences
  • Love, Marriage, and Relationships
  • Health and Wellness, and Self-Care
  • Technology, Apps, and Tech Conferences
  • Cultural Experiences, Books, and Art
  • Finding Your Passion, Habits, Life Lessons
  • much more

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The following are a few guidelines that I ask for Freeing She guest posters to follow:

  • Submit a blog post that is between 750-1500 words— my own posts are typically at least 1200 words.
  • Make post easy to read (e.g. utilize lists, headers, shorter paragraphs) and review for spelling and grammar.
  • Commit to diving into your topic so that the reader can take away a lesson. Use links to support claims.
  • Send a short 2-3 sentence biography— I love to promote other women on my blog and social media accounts!
  • If you have them, send your social media and/or website links. Once again, I love to promote other women!
  • Oh, don't forget to send a high-resolution photo of yourself so that people can see your beauty!
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