Hi! I'm Christa! I am the Founder + Chief Creator of Freeing She, a career woman, and a wife. I live with my hubby in Houston, TX— the magical land of tacos + Beyoncé stans. I am a self-confessed #blerd who loves technology + health science. I also happen to be a huge lover of hand crafted cocktails and a wine-enthusiast— pairing wine to fit my food and mood!


I started Freeing She as a place to document my life experiences as I work towards achieving my most ambitious career + life goals. Freeing She is also a community for women of color to support one another to truly flourish in their careers + life. I host events to bring our online conversations offline and away from our cubicles. So come join me for a cocktail, click here

On my blog, I share tools, resources, and fresh perspectives for women of color who are trying to find their unique balance between work and life by writing about my personal experiences, sharing stories from other amazing WOC, and interviewing the boss chicks who I’m currently obsessing over.

Topics that I typically write about are: 

  • career... career advice, perspectives of being a black woman in a corporate setting

  • love... marital growth, thoughts on love, inter-cultural relationships

  • wellness... everything from self-care to fitness + nutrition.

  • technology... my favorite apps, gadgets, tech reviews

  • culture... books I've read, movies I love, food and wine adventures

  • and various lifestyle topics that pop into my mind. 

By reading my blog, I hope that together we can:

  • Gain clarity in our lives + purpose

  • Celebrate our career accomplishments + life milestones

  • Embrace wellness, intentional living, and adventures

  • Nourish meaningful relationships with others

  • Build fulfilling careers, while living a balanced life

Basically, live our lives free to be unapologetically us!

I’m so excited that you are visiting my blog. It means a lot to me that you are checking me out and care to read what I have to say! Now let’s be friends! I want to get to know you! Drop me a comment on Instagram, leave a comment on a blog/article that I shared on Facebook, or send me an e-mail and definitely be sure to grab my newsletter!

PS- I am also on Pinterest creating fun boards that have you covered from cubicles to cocktails!