Hey! My name is Christa! I’m an ambitious #corporatebae + #blerd! I am a feminist, who sincerely wants to see women thrive! I’m equal parts wine + cocktail enthusiast!

I am the Founder of Cubicles to Cocktails— a Houston-grown organization that curates meaningful workshops and facilitate thoughtful conversations to help women meet their career + personal goals. I believe that every working woman deserves the network and resources to enable her to excel in her career, while flourishing in her life! Cubicles to Cubicles is part of my mission to make this my reality!

Freeing She is my personal blog started with the intention to reignite my own creativity. I write about my journey of intentional living and curate + host experiences to inspire women of color to embrace creativity + intentional living too. I enjoy hosting alluring lifestyle events from vision brunches to wine soirées and spa + wellness parties.

Topics that I typically write about are: 

  • career... perspectives of an ambitious Black woman

  • love... marital growth, thoughts on love, inter-cultural relationships

  • wellness... everything from self-care to fitness + nutrition.

  • technology... my favorite apps, gadgets, tech reviews

  • culture... books I've read, movies I love, food and wine adventures

  • and my personal reflections on life

By reading my blog, I hope that together we can:

  • Gain clarity in our lives + purpose

  • Celebrate our life’s accomplishments + milestones

  • Embrace wellness, intentional living, and adventure

  • Nourish meaningful relationships

  • Build fulfilling careers, while living a balanced life

I’m so excited that you are visiting my blog. It means a lot to me that you are checking me out and care to read what I have to say! Now, I want to get to know you!

You can connect with me over on Instagram @heychristaclarke.
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