Hi! I'm Christa! Welcome to Freeing She – My Career + Lifestyle Blog.

I'm a Career Woman, Wife, Lifestyle Blogger, Feminist, #Blerd. I am a faux-extrovert who loves hosting vision brunches, wine soirees, and co-working days. Welcome to my space. Depending on your mood (or what time of day it is 😉), grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and let's chill & chat! 



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I am flourishing. I am excelling. I live a life of meaning and purpose, where I am empowered and can empower. I am creating wealth.

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I seek to inspire others by highlighting women of color and their life + career challenges, accomplishments, and wisdom. If you would like to share your career and life experience or perspective on Freeing She, there are many ways that you can do so. To find out how your journey can be featured, click Learn More

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Freeing She is more than just my career + lifestyle blog. I love hosting meetups where WOC can grow our network, develop our ideas, and relax while having some fun. From workshops focusing on various aspects of personal + professional development to "Cocktails & Conversations" at a local wine bar, my meetups are definitely something you should consider checking out if you are ever in Houston, TX. To discover the upcoming meetup events, click Upcoming Events

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